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How To Invest In Silver

How To Invest In SilverHow To Invest In SilverHow To Invest In Silver
In our current economic and geopolitical turbulent times investing in silver makes sense and is a prudent approach to protect your assets and your purchasing power. Silver was legal tender in the United States since it’s founding and was used as such until 1964. Now silver coins and bars are used as an investment product and is also used in many ways in manufacturing. This combination has made Silver highly demanded as witnessed by the dramatic increase in its price over the past year. Silver when compared to gold, on a historical basis, is still relatively cheap and many experts have stated that price of silver will continue to climb. The question is the How To Invest In Silver? That is what this website will explore to help you make knowledgeable decisions.

Why Invest In Silver?

1. You can already start investing in silver bullion without a big amount. It is possible to begin investing in silver bullions with at least $30.?The present market price of silver bullion is about $30 every ounce. And you can find this silver in every ounce.

How To Invest In Silver

2. Silver is one of the mostly used precious metals. You may see silver as jewelry but in fact, there are hundreds of potential uses of this metal. Nanotechnology, electronics, water purification, communication, and photography are just some of the industries using silver.?The usefulness of this metal can be attributed to its resistant to corrosion, softness, being a good conductor of electricity, and lustrous feel.

3. Silver bullion is similar to other bullions of precious metals. It also comes in various shapes and sizes. You can find the lightest one gram to as much as hundred kilograms.?Therefore, you can immediately start investing on silver bullion with a gram until you have more money to buy more grams of silver.

4. Small silver bullion is already considered a substantial investment unlike other precious metals. A half to one kilogram is the only considered substantial investment for gold. You don’t need to have as much silver as this because a small amount of silver can already be a substantial investment.

5. Silver bullion’s potential and premiums are almost the same with gold. Gold can be more expensive and may be sold higher but silver’s potential as a good investment is almost the same as this more expensive metal.?Silver bullions usually track alongside gold bullions with various economic determinants like inflation. Percentage wise, silver is the same in performance as the more expensive gold.

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How to Invest In Silver

Silver and Bullion Coins – These are coins minted by various governments around the world. They come in different denominations/Sizes and can be purchase in 1/10,1/4,1/2 and 1 ounce. They contain .9999 Silver. The most common are American Eagles, American Buffalos, Canadian Maple Leafs, Chinese Pandas, and Austrian Philharmonics. The pros of having coins is that you physically possess them, the disadvantages are that they are heavy, and safe deposit boxes are not safe anymore. However, some investor want feel more secure holding their and silver physically.

Invest in Silver

We recommend to purchase your physical Silver from :, they offer both Bullion and Numismatic coins at exceptional prices.investing in gold and silver

Numismatic – Numismatic Silver Coin investing, is buying and selling coins on a value derived from its rarity, age, quantity originally produced, and condition. You have to have extensive knowledge in assessing a coins value in order to use this methodology. This is not recommended for everyone

Purchase and Investing in Silver through reputable dealer and have it stored for you.  A second alternative is to buy Silver through well know online retailer, Bullionvault and GoldMoney. They store the Silver for you in bonded warehouses that are independently audited and insured. The Silver can be stored in New York, London, and or Zurich. It can be bought and sold almost instantaneously at market prevailing prices. The transaction can be performed in Dollars, Euros and Swiss Francs. This is the ideal method to invest and these companies reputation speaks for itself. The Silver in is held in your name.

Our two choices are:

Bullionvault, who holds over 19 Tonnes of Gold And Silver for over 135,000 customers worldwide. They are rated number one, you can buy Gold and Silver and have it held in London, Zurich and New York. Currencies used are US Dollar, Euro and Swiss Franc Transaction fees are low and buying and selling can be done 24 hours a day. The Precious Metals are Insured.

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GoldMoney, founded by the legendary James Turk. They hold over $974 millionin precious metals. You can Buy Gold, Silver and Platinum and have it stored in London, Zurich, New York and Hong Kong. Currencies used are US Dollar, Euro and Swiss Franc. Transaction fees are low and buying and selling can be done 24 hours a day.The Precious Metals are Insured.

ETF’s – Exchange trade funds such as SLV, SPDR Silver Trust, and Shares COMEX Silve Trust IAG, there others but these are the most common is another method of investing in Silver. These can be bought through any broker and traded just as any stock. These funds use the proceeds from the capital they raise to buy physical Ailver and futures representing claims to physical Silver. There have been questions raised as to whether they have enough Silver to match their needs in case of liquidation. Caution should be used when purchasing these and physical Silver stored at a secured location is the preferable method.

Shares of Silver Miners- These are bought like any other stock through a broker. The prices of these stocks are influenced by the price of Silver, but also by company specific issues as reserves, new fields/reserves, profitability and other fundamental factors. Of course these are also susceptible to market gyrations independent of the metal they represent.

Conclusion-How to buy

Our favorite way to buy and hold Silver Platinum is through Bullionvault and GoldMoney because of their safety, ease of use, low transactions cost and range of investment products offered. I have used both and give both of them 5 stars for ease of use, safety, accessibility to my Silver and funds, ease of buying and selling and customer service.

How To Invest In Silver

Investing In SIlver Is A Prudent Choice In Our Current Ecconomic And Geopolitical Environment